Issues !

  1. There is a shortage of sanity in Tallahassee, and mostly, there is a shortage of common sense in Tallahassee. My opponent voted against the LGBTQ rights, against every anti-voter, anti-public education, anti-vaccine, pro-censorship, anti-education and anti-abortion bill that came to the house. We are dealing with a Christofascist ideology at the state level that has the intention to take the control out of your lives and put it in the hands of people in government with shallow narrow minds filled with hate.
  2. I want to improve funding for public education. Our teachers and students deserve it. Private schools have NO checks and balances regarding their funding, curriculum. They can’t be sued for discrimination. They have a record of discrimination and they often close or are shut down due to incompetence.
  3. I want to correct the current laws on the books that are causing our seniors and disabled from getting proper care. We need to make sure any available funding that our Federal Government has available are accepted by the state and used to expand Medicare and Medicaid for Floridians instead of being ignored.
  4. There is a clear and present danger by the GOP to take away voter’s rights for minorities and low income voters. We need to remove anti-censorship laws and protect all Floridian’s rights regardless of sex, age, religion, national origin, race and sexual identities.
  5. I want to offer hope by representing ALL Floridians, from the LGBTQ+ community, to the disabled seniors who need help, to public education and their teachers.
  6. We can improve our environment. I have viable solutions that will intern create jobs, reduce waste and provide food for families decades into the future.
  7. I know that our government is intended to be by the people, of the people and FOR the people…All people! Florida deserves better.
  8. When elected, I will represent my district with leadership based on wisdom, compassion, solid information and sound advice.
  9. Vote for David Tillery, A Positive Change for Florida!
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